• ‘Improvement of night fighting capability by combining incoherent and coherent imaging’, IRDE/DRDO,Raipur Road, Dehradun-248008, India, 26/04/2013. We discuss the improvement of range performance of electro-optical systems by the combination of incoherent and coherent imaging. Both techniques have advantages and disadvantages and we propose a balance between the two techniques so that the maximum performance is obtained for the electro-optical system.
  • Design of a F/1.2, f=24mm objective
  • Design of the optics of a holographic night vision system
  • Design of a thermal infrared dual FOV telescope for Leopard tank
  • Design of a bi-ocular lens for CRT monitor
  • Narcissus analysis of thermal infrared telescope
  • Study of the MTF characteristics of an infrared MRTD test bench
  • Conceptual design of the electro-optical ranging and imaging system (EOPTRIS)
  • Conceptual design of the visible and near-infrared imaging system (VINIRIS)
  • Creation of mathematical model for laser range finder performance
  • Design of a dual-FOV diffractive long-wavelength IR objective for un-cooled sensors
  • Design of optical channels of a Gunner Main Sight
  • Design of a dual FOV Long Wave Infrared thermal camera
  • Design of an Add-on Laser Target Designator
  • Tuning of a nonlinear controller for a dual-axis stabilized mirror
  • Design of a Miniaturized Eye-safe Laser Rangefinder
  • Development of LWIR image processing algorithms for implementation on Zynq AP SoC