Lyseonics BV

We have many years of experience in electro-optical and opto-mechanical engineering. We work with you in reviewing requirements and establishing the product specification. We advise you in the design, development, manufacturing, assembly, integration and verification of an electro-optics product. We offer feasibility studies, comparative studies and conceptual designs.

We help in the debugging of electro-optical systems. We give customized courses in electro-optics and training in optical techniques. We offer access to a professional network established over the past 30 years.

Our fields


We have strong connections with the academic world.


We have designed the optics of flatbed scanners and laser scanners.


We have knowledge in biometric systems and more specific in retina scanners.


We have the expertise for designing and manufacturing electro-optical systems for military applications.


We solved problems by designing industrial vision systems for various industries: metal, glass, textile, electronics, food, nuclear, pharmaceutical, biomedical, automotive…


We designed and manufactured electro-optical systems for experiments during the Space Shuttle missions (STS-57, STS-65, STS-73, STS-78, STS-95). We designed optical diagnostics for the International Space Station. We contributed to the CROM instrument on board of the SOHO satellite.